24 & Dead - Part II

(Thanks to hummingcrow@Flickr for the original pic! Remixed using BeFunky.)
As promised, here’s the part 2/3 of “24 & Dead.” On time. :)

I suggest, you read “24 & Dead – Part I” before you continue.

So. There I was, minding my own business, eyeing the hot chick across the road, trying to think up a suitable pick-up line, when all of a sudden, there was this huge crashing noise. And then, predictably, the next thing I remember was that I was down on the road with this huge boulder was lying on my foot. My toes had been smashed. To a pulp. But you already know that. So I’ll skip that part.

Typical story, right? In fact, you know what happened next, don’t you? A huge crowd gathered around me, and someone made a frantic call to Emergency Services, while others tried to move the boulder, etc. Frankly speaking, I would have loved to say that, too – but I’d be lying.

There was no one except me and the chick, and she took one look at me, the boulder, and she split – just like that. Whatever happened to humanity and the human milk of kindness? I’m sure this one was busy staring at liposuction ads when the human milk of kindness was being distributed.

So anyway, there I am lying on the road, in the middle of nowhere, with a boulder on my feet – which are completely smashed to a pulp – and not one soul around.

Must be my lucky day.

I tried reaching into my pocket for my cellphone. It hurt real bad. But I had to do it – so I did and somehow got it out. And then I realised that I shouldn’t have done it.

You see, the impact of the boulder caused two things to happen. One it led me to my current state, as I have described until now. Two, when I landed on the ground, I happened to sit on my cellphone, thus breaking it into two separate parts. And before I could entertain any ideas of somehow trying to hold the pieces together to make it work, I realised that it was actually worse than it looked.

The circuits were fried too.

And then, I took a long hard look at the boulder. And it was the that I realised, it wasn’t a boulder at all.

It was a meteorite. A FUCKIN METEORITE.

what are the odds of anyone getting hit by a meteorite, on a lonely road, somewhere in the outskirts of town, when you are minding your own business, maybe, trying to hit on a girl, who also, happens to be the only other soul within miles?

Well, my last girl used to say I was one in a zillion. And I used to tell her, ‘Honey, there ain’t so many people in the fuckin universe!’ I guess this little incident was probably the fuckin-universe trying to fuckin-prove my fuckin ex-fuckin-girlfriend fuckin-right!!

So much for gender-equality, I say.


Have I still managed to retain the suspense? :)