A Tale of Two cities - and the connecting travel...

-Charles D’ Kens
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”
Thus begins the masterpiece by Dickens. Where he stopped; I begin, not as effectively but…

Two cities, that are quite close and yet far enough to allow travel, that too, only for so long as to study… you know what – G.O.D.

I am a frequent traveller. I like to travel, Given a chance between the devil’s abode and the deep sea I’d choose to go with the devil and visit the city of his dreams… I’m sure these cities would figure quite high on his list…

I am at the window seat – pondering over the possible effects of catching a quick shut-eye and watching the scenic beauty of the nature outside the window. I decide to catch a shut-eye…

Passenger X: Excuse me, Do we have a halt at ______?

Me: (half asleep) Huh? Yeah….NO….I mean…zzzzzzzz

Not to be left unanswered and taking my actions as a personal insult, Passenger X retaliates –

Passenger X: Excuse me, would you mind answering my question?

Me: (No answer)

PX: You know I am new to this place…..

Me: (muttering in my sleep) Oh yeah? So am I… zzzzzzz…

PX: Oh that’s great!! Where are you putting up? I am staying at my aunt’s place, She’s alone you know, My uncle’s dead… I am gonna give her company…

ME: Oh really, My condolences to the poor spirit… May her soul pest in reace… I mean Rest in Peace…

PX: (yells, almost or maybe he does) What do you mean?

Me; (minor reaction, courtesy the sleeping beauty’s genes) But you just said your aunt’s gone and your uncle’s dead too… You were gonna leave her company.

PX: Are you f^*&^ing mad? I said she was ALONE not GONE. I was gonna GIVE and not LEAVE her company…

Me: (still trying) Oh I thought…zzzzzzzzz

PX: Never mind doesn’t make a difference really… Who cares!! I mean I DO but why should you care,,, (blank out) world (blank out) humanity (blank out) sleep (blank out) sloth (blank out) sins(blank out) punished (blank out) Devil (long blank out)

Me: Huh? What? Where?… Where are we?

PX: (looking exasperated) You know what I’ve had it with you. That I am an introvert by nature doesn’t necessarily mean that you can treat me as you like. You must learn to respect (blank out) human (blank out) accept (blank out) answer (blank out) repent (blank out) values (another long blank out).

Me: (yawning) Sorry what were you saying. I didn’t quite catch your words… zzzzzzzz

PX: I don’t believe this!! Here I am trying to be friendly with this guy and he insists on sleeping!! Look at the nerve of this guy!! I mean have you ever seen a person so egoistic … I have never (blank out) shit… (blank out) sleeps (blank out) manners (blank out). Who would dare to do this to a fellow passenger (blank out) duty (blank out) help (blank out) need (a very very long blank out)

Me: (yawning, to PX) Good morning!! What time is it?

PX: Huh? Yes…. NO… I mean zzzzzzzzz

“Life is something that happens when you can’t get to sleep.”
– Frank Lebowitz