Jumpin Jack!
I really don’t know where to start…
I am Shrikant Joshi. Welcome to 42 Quirks – my home on the web.

I started blogging in the early 2000s – yeah, I am one of the early-adopters. I used to write short-stories under the pseudonym ‘Born Stinger’ here & here. When I got into my first job @Colayer, I used to write about the web 2.0 (it was still in its infancy, back then) here, mirrored here.

And then came the social networks. Orkut, Hi5, MySpace, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, the list is endless

As my scattered existence increased, so did the necessity for collecting & collating all these identities in one place. And thus, 42 Quirks was born…

But why the name – ’42 Quirks’?
According to “The Hitch-hikers’ guide to the Galaxy,” written by Douglas N. Adams, the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is 42.

And ‘Quirks’? Well, all of us have our days in the sun. We have our own eccentricities, our own whims and fancies. I prefer defining my hobbies as my quirks. I am not saying I have exactly 42 of them, but the number comes pretty close…

Until a few years ago, I was the evening drive-time Radio Jockey for Radio Mirchi – a commercial Radio Station in Pune. I hosted a show called ‘Bumper 2 Bumper,’ which was basically me being paid to have lots of fun – or so everyone thinks. Truth is, being an RJ is slightly more than having fun – it is quite a task at times… Details here

These days, I am trying to learn programming & web development in Python using Django. I keep slapping bits of code together and hoping they all stick. My latest ‘achievement’: HashPix

Things I Love:
Reading. Music. Writing. Films. Teh Inter-Webz.

What’s cookin’ good-lookin’?
Read a few stories; my faves are ‘The Betrayal‘ & ‘The Rain – Part I‘ & ‘The Rain – Final Part‘ – tell me what you think. If you’re up for some geekiness, I recommend The Search Engine Series – Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 and a Layman’s Guide to RSS feeds.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Take your own sweet time & before you close the window, do hop over to this page & drop me a line. I’m looking forward to all the feedback I can get!

Much thankings!