Yeah, I know – so I’ll skip directly to the good news.

42 Quirks will now be a magazine-style blog.

After the declaration, come the details.

42 Quirks has been my home on the web for a long time now. The blog has seen a lot of changes since it began – most of them mirroring my life… However, in these last few months, I realized something very unique: I would not feel like writing a post unless I had a story to tell.

That kinda limits my options.

But then, 42 Quirks wasn’t meant to be a story-blog per se, was it?

I decided to do a li’l make-over, move stuff here n there, add some stuff, take out some stuff – you know…

And after a while I settled for this look: the Isotherm theme for WordPress.

This look is not yet final – I am still in search of that ‘perfect’ look; something I know, but can’t translate into reality (or is it virtuality?) thanks to my appallingly meager knowledge of coding…

The spirit of the blog has been finalized.

42 Quirks will now serve the purpose it was built for: eccentric ramblings about my random sojourns of the life, the universe & the inter-webs. So there’s a high likelihood that you’ll find a few tech topics sharing post-space with film-reviews, jostling for attention-space with short-stories & excerpts from books I’m reading currently…

I hope you’ll stick around for the ride – like you’ve always done in the past. :)