Bond, but not 007, yet: Casino Royale

Recently I came across the Great Bong‘s review of the latest Bond movie (Casino Royale). A good review, I must say. And the movie IS brilliant, in some aspects, especially in capturing the true Casino Royale spirit.

Read it here: The Bond Walks Again.

But I am surprised, of the 45 comments (at the last count…) and through the entire post, there is not one true Bond fan.
Everyone keeps commenting on how Daniel Craig is un-suave and un-stylish, or at the very least less worthy than Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery (Ye Gods!). I thought movies were meant for watching and listening as well.

For those who haven’t gotten the drift yet, check this link:

And a complete Ian Fleming Bibliography can be found here:

A ‘Casino’ Quickie
Casino Royale is Ian Fleming’s FIRST Bond book. The book is about a spy who has been recently promoted to a double agent status and given the license to kill. In casino royale, James Bond is a brash, short-tempered, somewhat uncouth (if I may say so) young man who believes in here and now. More often than not, he lets his heart rule over his head.

Casino Royale is not about the shaken-not-stirred martini Bond we know. Rather, it is about the man who became James Bond 007. It is about the process of finding and losing love that eventually hardens him into the ‘Bond, James Bond’ as we know today. Ever wonder why Craig never says the trademark Bond line (“The name’s Bond, James Bond”) except at the end? Now you know…

Everything about Daniel Craig in the movie, from his clothing to his Body language is raw, and exudes a different charm. The Bond babes are there and yet, not quite there, if you get my drift :)

But this post is not intended to be a review of the movie. It is meant to quash some of the misgivings about the ‘Bond series’.

The Bond Series

  1. The Bond series is not a ‘Series’.
    Or rather, it is not in a chronological order. Check out Fleming’s bibliography and you’ll realize what I am talking about.
  2. Daniel Craig looks gay/wussy/________ (Your adjective here)
    He’s meant to look raw. It’s his first ‘assignment’. Or sort of. He’s supposed to behave like an air-head. A promotion often does that to you.
  3. Daniel Craig is not as stylish as ________ (Your choice of Bond here)
    See point 2.
  4. Casino Royale is not as stylish/gadgety/______ (Your adjective here) as _______ (Insert name of a Bond movie)
    See point 2.

Oh by the way, did you know Casino Royale was written in 1953? You didn’t, did you? I figured…

In one of the scenes during the Poker tournament, Bond orders the bartender to make a drink for him. He proceeds to narrates the recipe from memory for about twenty seconds and ends with, …”shaken, not stirred.”

Yep, that is the famous ‘shaken-not-stirred’ Bond martini. The more observant of you may even have noted down the recipe during the movie.

Pass it on, if you did. :)