Differences of Opinion

This is how most conversations on the Internet (especially in the comments page of a most popular blogs/sites) eventually turn out:

Thomas: I am a firm believer in X.
Hartford: I am a firm believer in Y.
Thomas: Let’s discuss X & Y.
Hartford: Sure, let’s.
Thomas: Here are the reasons I choose to believe in X rather than Y.
Hartford: Here are my reasons why I believe in Y rather than X.
Thomas: Counter-reason.
Hartford: Counter-counter-reason.
Thomas: Another point.
Hartford: A different point.

(A few moments later)

Thomas: You, sir, are a buffoon.
Hartford: You, sir, are an ape.

(More insults)

Thomas: You are a cunt!
Hartford: You are a dick!

Richard: No, that would be me.

(The names in this conversation have been changed to protect the identities of the idiots involved. Sigh.)

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