Hi!! This is your friendly Disaster guy calling!!

Dina Mehta has just posted something that will hearten every Indian

The Hindu quotes:

Union Minister for Science, Technology and Ocean Development Kapil
Sibal on Monday launched the Natural Disaster Information System
(NDIS), a first of its kind pilot project aimed at alerting people
about any impending natural disaster.

This project is currently under private-public partnership by the Technology Development Council (TDC) and Bangalore-based Geneva Software Technologies.

The NDIS will communicate alerts over mobile fones and specially setup Wireless PA systems in – get a load of this – less than ONE minute…

Now, if only these people had the good sense to bring something like this into action a little earlier – like a few years. But, I guess, what they say is right, better late than never.

Rest in peace, folks. Be assured, that if this pilot kicks off and kicks off well, your kids and grandkids won’t have to see the days you had to… Our deepest and fondest thoughts are with you. R.I.P

Note to self:
Keep your cellfone full of juice and dough. I wouldn’t want to miss a call like that one anyday.

Thanx Dina!! via 14donline.net

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