I LOVE technology!

…and so does everyone else, I’m sure. I just happen to think we don’t appreciate it enough – just like we don’t appreciate our loved ones enough in real life.

Take yesterday for instance. A dear friend called me from the US to tell me about his road trip for an overnight astronomy session. He wasn’t near a computer and I happened to be sitting in front of a PC. In a few moments, thanks to the awesomeness if the internet, I was able to tell him about the rest stops along his way, the weather at his destination and the forecast for the next for days and nights!

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined it possible and yet, here I am, doing it like a boss, as if I’ve done it all my life!

Take another example. Eighteen months ago, when my brother left for the US, he wasn’t as unprepared as one would expect the case might be. No sir! Thanks to the power of online maps and Google’s Street-view offerings, he knew exactly where he was headed. Heck, he knew the roads around his University and the hangout places nearby even before he set foot on foreign soil!

How awesome is that?

These are but a few examples – I’m sure every one of us has a similar story to share. I just couldn’t help raise my voice a little louder…

PS: This post was drafted, proof-read and posted entirely from my smartphone!