Meet the Parents - The final Part

“So? Do you like her?”

I knew that statement was gonna lead us into uncharted territory. I alksoknew that I had to think up of something really fast… Or I would have to face the barrage of questions again…

“Oh? Uncle I just remembered! What happened to that stamp collection of yours? You never showed me your latest additions!”

BINGO!! Ask an uncle about his hobby or his passion and he himself deviates from the topic, Life lesson #117823!!

“Ohh!Yeah!! Good thing you remembered! Infact I was gonna askyou tobring some new first-day covers for me, myself…”

From the frying pan into the fire. Me and my big mouth.

“You can’t escape this topic that easily, Stinger. You have been evading it for alooong time.The time has come for you to tell us the truth.” – My aunt. The ever observant woman.

“Alright, Alright. I give up. Look I met a girl today at the bus stop while I was waiting for a bus. I think I have kinda fallen for her.I thought Nisha was the same girl that I saw at the bus stop and that is the reason and purpose of my yelling…”

I looked up to see them gaping with their mouths opened.

“See? I knew you wouldn’t believe me! Go ahead, tell me I am a very filmy person, etc, etc…”

At this point, it seemed to me that I had committed a big, no the BIGGEST blunder of my life… Be cause when I looked up again,I saw my Uncle and Aunt laughing away like crazy. They laughed so hard that they clutched their stomachs. I couldn’t understand what was happening.

“Hey! Wha…? Why are you guys laughing? Is this what I get for telling you guys the truth? I mean, I trusted you guys and revealed my secret, my innermost feelings… And this is how you guys answer it? By making fun of me? By laughing on my faces? All right,fine!! I am leaving…”

“Nooo…. No.. Wait son… don’t take us in the wrong sense… We didn’t mean to ridicule you or your feeling in any way. It’s just that… this is all very funny. Ok here’s the fact….”

They both looked at each other before finally looking at me. Probably it was one of those do-we-tell-this-clown-the-truth-or-do-we-let-him-wallop-in-grief-looks. Anyways they turned to me and said –

“The truth is, the person you met at the bus-stop was not Nisha, but it was our daughter, ________.”

I stared at them in amazement, not wanting to believe them but actually realising that I did believe them!! And as a matter of fact it did explain why I smelt the floral perfume time and again as I walked along their corridor. Dammit!! It had to be her room!!

As I sat there absolutely shocked, contemplating the effects of this… well..disastrous outing of mine, my aunt spoke up…

“She told us about you. You entered only as we just replaced the phone on the hook. Only we had no I dea it would or even could, be you. I mean, who would have imagined – you of all people!! No, that doesn’t mean that you are not trustworthy…”

“And even if you were, you have proved otherwise!!” – my uncle.

“So what does that mean? You finally have my marriage plans chalked up, don’t you? See Aunt, I told you, you would have your way in these matters!!”

What happened afterwards is a different story, maybe I’ll tell that some other time. But, for now, I think it’s enough if I told you that the marriage never happened. I later found out that my uncle’s daughter was already engaged to someone whom she believed she loved. Heck, It always happens with me. Well, anyway, I have a positive view point to it. I am still single and enjoying!!!

Wot say??

“Not all people are fools, some stay bachelors…”
–Source Unknown.

Disclaimer: The story narrated above is as told to me by a friend of mine who happened to meet me on his way to Venus from Pluto. All characters are of his narrative and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. Born Stinger holds explicit copyright to this material and any reproduction of this work without prior permission of the author is illegeal and shall be taken as a moral offence and a promising step to progressive insaity. Filchers of this work, Beware!! If you have any ounce of sanity left, STAY AWAY!!!