New beginnings... again.

Have you heard of the army-kids phenomenon?

Okay, so that doesn’t exist and I totally made it up, but you know what I am talking about right? If parents keep shifting bases, the kids never seem to settle down either.

This blog has shifted from shared JustHost server to an AWS EC2 micro instance. To ‘celebrate’ this move, I have switched from the Oulipo theme to the Runo Lite theme.

The move is significant in many ways for me.

One, it marks my first ever attempt at hosting a site on AWS. The guys at JustHost let my webhosting expire without notifying me and wouldn’t let me renew at the grandfathered rates — rates that a jobless vella like me could actually afford. (Also, rates that I’m sure, were definitely bleeding JustHost dry.) Thus, I had no option but to move to AWS. I have no qualms about the move, except that the way JustHost chose to do it left somewhat of a bad taste in the mouth.

Secondly, this blog has now shifted to a subdomain, aptly named, ‘blog’. Why? Because I have been trying my hand at web development using Django and Python and I now feel quietly confident enough to start sharing my attempts with the world- the good ones will likely get their own subdomains. None of them are what one would call ‘production-ready’ but each of them definitely will have something that I felt was missing in all existing offerings out there.

(Yes, that last line was meant to lure VCs & investors into my trap.)

Thirdly, I have been toying with the idea of reviving – but with a more professional approach to the whole thing. If I do revive it, I will treat it as a business venture. That is not to say that I will sell blog-space or eye-balls for money. However, I will attempt to achieve (at the very least least) ramen-profitability out of it. I’ve let people take too much advantage of my altruism and it is time that I accord my ventures the respect they deserve, rather than treat them as random hobbies.

(Interested parties, you know where to reach me. I’m deadly serious.)

Finally, this post marks the beginning of a new phase. You might see me rant more often, be inane less often. You might see me post techie stuff rather than random ramblings. You might see stories being reduced to a trickle but I will still give the NaNoWriMo 2013 a shot.

Bear with me, as you always have. I promise to make this ride as interesting as possible. Thanks.

PS: To all the Indians out there, a very happy 67th Independence day! Let’s hope the next 66 years treat us better than the 66 years so far, eh?