I see I have not been missed.

Hmmm, so I am wondering now, whether I should or shouldn’t tell you about my 3-day trip to Goa.

Should I tell you that we were camped at the Colva beach? Should I tell you about the babes on the beache? Should I tell you about the amazing Goan Fish Curry and Chicken Xacuti? Should I tell you about the complete inactivity that we had chosen as the only task for three days?

Should I tell you about the relaxation, which incidentally was better than any spa?

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you about any of this, if only to spite you. May be I shouldn’t even upload the loads and loads of pics.

You think I am kidding? Nope, I am not. Wait till I upload the pics to prove it.

Goa was fun. Three days of complete relaxation, rest and unwind. More details & pics coming soon.

On a side note, this bugger met the woman of my dreams. What kind of a justice is that?

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. C’est la vie and all that jazz…