Random Thoughts

Aimless writing never really interested me. I always believed, my words on paper had to have a specific purpose. Otherwise, there was no point in putting them down. May be it was a reflection of my own skepticism, my true Gemini nature.

I still don’t know whether that is right or wrong, and don’t intend to answer that question anytime soon.

What I do intend to do is, write one or two lines and then let my pen (in this case, the keyboard) take over.

I hate the notion that the “customer is king.” Often it gives insuperable authority to boorish idiots who don’t understand shit about service – any kind of service.

A king is supposed to be royal, all powerful, et cet, yes, but he also has responsibilities towards his subjects. An irresponsible kind is a king of a state headed towards anarchy.

A headless state is like an unstable compound in a chemical reaction. It soon re-arranges itself to some known ‘state’. And there are, as we know, very few known states.

Capitalism and free markets do not mean that everyone makes money. It simply means that everyone has an opportunity to make money.

To make most of an opportunity, you have to know when it comes. To know when an opportunity comes you have to be waiting for it.

The lover’s wait is the longest when it occurs and the shortest, after. In restrospect, everything becomes a thing of the past.

Memories are like scars, some remind us of our bravery, others remind us of pain. Why we choose to keep the pain and forget the others is something I’ll never find out.

But I hope to find it out some day…

That ends my short little experiment. Did I get somewhere?

Yes, a long way from where I started. Yet, it seems to be the middle of nowhere. I guess Life IS like that, most of the time, eh?