The (Capit-)A-list Bloggers

*The rich get richer and the poor get poorer…**All humans are born equal. but we just have to admit the fact that some men are more equal than the others. The society was, is and always will be divided into classes based on the financial status. Money is the deciding factor. Some people will always have more money than the others. It doesn’t matter where the money comes from. What matters is whether you are able to sustain it. There is always gonna be an invisible glass-ceiling stopping you from reaching there. If you are a novice and you want to break the glass ceiling, you have to either try VERY hard or circumvent it somehow. There is no short-cut of course. The only way to ‘circumvent’ it is to somehow grab the attention of any one of the elite class. If you have done that, you have done the hard work. The rest is simply smooth sailing. **So how do you grab their attention? There are two ways of doing it: 1. Flame them – Oppose them vehemently so that they rant against you. Like someone said, there’s no bad publicity, only publicity. OR 2. Claim them – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Give them good references and you will be rewarded someday. * Are you done reading it? Very well, now follow these instructions:
  1. Replace every occurence of the words ‘humans’ or ‘people’ with the word ‘Blogs’
  2. Replace every occurence of the word ‘society’ with the word ‘Blogosphere’
  3. Replace every occurence of the word ‘money’ with the word ‘traffic’
  4. Replace every occurence of the phrase ‘elite class’ with ‘A-list’

Surprised, eh?

Yes, apparently, you can treat blogs the blogsphere on par with human evolution human society. Just as the human society is divided into classes, so are blogs. And, every blog is a part of some closed community.

The Flame approach worked for these guys who started off as a rant blog. Look where they are today – among the top 10 in WordPress Blogs.

Like society, there is no dearth of writing talent in the Blogosphere. It just takes some time to be discovered and some discoveries happen too late. Some happen too early.

Some don’t happen at all.

I think I know what hapens to mine.

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