“Things make a difference.

Especially when you are not aware of them. Those that you are aware of hit you hard. Those that you aren’t hit you harder. You still recover – or manage just about to. But the ones that hurt you the most are the ones you have no clue about, no control over. They just come and hit you – out of nowhere.

It’s your duty to look out for them – or is it?”

– Written in a state of drunkenness, three beers and one large vodka down during the Mirchi Party. The writing is legible, although not one to win any awards anytime soon…

The Mirchi Party happened at Leather Lounge, M.G. Road on Wednesday the 7th. The Pune Office cleared all Sales targets, in fact overshot them. And so we celebrated. Mad music, madder dancing.

I can’t remember for the life of me, when or why I wrote the above. I found it in the morning in my pocket.

Oh, and by the way, this dude is now officially an RJ. Hmmm.