We, the PPPL

A while back, a deal between Pay Per Post (PPP) and Performancing (Perf), caused quite an uproar over at the Performancing Community Forums.

Perf Members denounced it left, right and centre blaming Perf for all sorts of things. Some even went to the extent of threatening to close down their accounts, which I found weird. Nobody ever said that to Writely. Or YouTube. Or del.icio.us, for that matter.

I think Nick, Chris and all the guys at Perf are a fantastic lot. I would doff my hat off to them, if I was wearing one.

And then, the deal was called off. Performancing went through a roller-coaster of a ride, and things seem to have stabilized.

Hmm, lemme see:

Ads on Blogs – GOOD
Pay per Post – BAD

Premium Content – GOOD
Pay Per Post – BAD

Community Reviews – GOOD
Pay Per Post – BAD

Summing it up, as long as you are not associated with explicit financial motives, whatever you do is ALWAYS good. That’s a thin red line there, methinks.

Weird sense of morality we have, eh?

This post is not intended to revive old wounds, but it’s just my $0.02 worth. Maybe I am wrong there, but I’d love to know your views on this one…

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