Of emptiness, and fulfilment...

Something I wrote in response to Pree‘s post, “Tears“.

The words just flowed out as I began typing, and before I knew it, I had finished it. I get scared at such times. Because, however hard I try, I cannot recall what went into the frenzy.

Title: For you…

So many words to speak,
Yet, lips sewn to silence
So little time to spend,
All of it spent in violence.

So many things to say,
Yet far apart we stand.
So much there is to spend,
Yet, not a dime in hand.

Life’s little mysteries
Are wont to cause concern…
You might solve them eventually
But one you’ll never discern.

Coz life’s like that to you,
You hold it full of scorn
While you writhe in self-pity
It goes on, and on, and on…

You take these things to heart.
I’d call that a pretty good start.
People are crazy, times are strange
The world is yours to change.

— Shri

The second line from the last, has been plagiarized from the “Things have changed,” Bob Dylan’s OST for the movie “Wonder Boys.”

Read the entire poem, in context. Here’s a handy link:

Pree’s post reminded me of this post by John Scalzi: Being Poor. Though most of it has a distinct American perspective, it just stops short of being universal. I urge you people to read the comments that readers have posted. There are some really funny ones, and some that tear your heart out.

Call me quirky, or call me insane. I just can’t quit hoping that world can be a better place.

sigh Seems like it’s one of those days again.

Now, where’s my coffee?

PS: Pree, I hope you don’t mind.