Se7en (seven) Things - The list.

I have never made any lists. I don’t like them. The only lists I make are the ToDo lists for the day. And I make them every two-three days

I have been tagged. And it means I have to tag someone. And to think, I believed my childhood was over long back…

let’s start with the lists:
People who have tagged me until now:

  1. Simple Thoughts
  2. Radhika
  3. Bricks
  4. ???
    (Did I miss your name? Please tell me. I am quite a forgetful person…)

7 things to do before I die
**1. Live **
– I am not kidding, or trying to make an impression here. I just wanna know how…
**2. Read everything available. **
– I know, I know, stupid wish…
**3. Sit alone for a month **
– Can’t do that. Ever. Yet, I wish, I could…
**4. Show the world the real me. **
– No, I won’t reveal my real name here. The real me pertains to the true feelings and thought that remain bottled up while dealing with

the assholes all around me. (Hey, this is a start!!)
**5. Find True Love. Or, at least find out whether it exists… **
– Would be better if I find it for myself(selfish, selfish…). Or, at least, find it somewhere. Does it exist?
6. Meet all my friends. Including the lost ones.
– Have messed up quite a few times in my life. Hey, life’s not perfect, is it?
7. Finish this list.

– I will add the seventh item when I find it. Promise.

7 things I can do
1. Play the Guitar
– Ok, Ok. So I am not a professional…
2. Speak loquaciously.
– So that I can have very few friends…
3. Listen Intently.
– So that the few that I have, can be the best I can have…
4. Smoke
– Aren’t I glad this is anonymous?? :)
5. Sing
– Well, not as good as Kishor or Rafi. But pleasant enough, I guess…
6. Clear my mind
– Yes. I can do that.
7. Write.
– Hey, don’t laugh. This is supposed to be a list of things (I think) I can do, right?

(This is probably the only list with seven things. In fact, I had to choose seven – out of the infinite choices available – in the end. I guess, I am Superman, afterall!!)

7 things I say the most…
1. WTF???
– For the uninitiated, it stands for = “What the FUCK???”
2. Oh Shit!!! OR Bull-shit!!!
– Like it says.
3. Yeah, yeah, whatever…
– With a nod and/or a shrug.
4. Arre Dude… (to a guy) & Arre Dear… (to a girl)
– New habit :P
5. Balls 2 U
– Old Habit :P
6. Hmmmm…
– …with the corresponding action accompanying it – arched eyebrows, fist under chin, and a deeply thoughtful look.
7. To be Added.
– No. Really.

7 things I cannot do…
1. Kill all those who tagged me.
– Sad, no?
2. Sleep for less than six hours.
– Need at least six hours of sleep at a stretch… Breaks in sleep will always reset the sleep counter to zero…
3. Stop smoking
– I don’t want to. So, no arguments there.
4. Keep an account of money spent
– Simple funda. If you have got it and if it is required, spend for it. With me, the only problem is discerning what is important and what isn’t…
5. Believe in what I do not see…
– …unless it is backed up by perfect scientific logic…
6. Look down from heights.
– It is the adrenaline rush that prompts me to do treks, but I am shit scared of heights. Actually, I am scared of falling off a cliff. I dream about that often. Never see the end of the dream, though…
7. Finish this list
– with a sensible list item, I must add. Or else, it becomes a paradox, right?

7 people who have to make this list
1. Inane
– Don’t know who he/she is. Don’t know where he/she is. Doesn’t leave a link back ever!! >( So, there… -_-
2. Aariya Shah
– Wonder if she even knows about this…
3. Gemini Girl
– From a Gemini to a Gemini, with laughter.
4. Halt!
– I mean the guy. Looking forward to some poetic seven things…
5. Foolishly Wise
– Writes real sensible. Wish I could do that…
6. Shrikant
– Poor kid, you. New to the world of blogging and look what I have done to you… Suffer you jerk, suffer!!!
7. To be Added
– Space available. Contact for details…


That is done!!

WTF??? Three fking hours!!! That’s fking insane!!! Bull-Shit!!

Well, whatever…