Web 2.0 - the way I see it.

The answer is simple. Web 2.0.

So what is Web 2.0? Think of it this way: You create a software that caters to a section of the market which nobody has tapped until now. You release the first version of your software. People like it and start using it. It becomes so popular nobody even dares to touch it. You are the sole leader. Over the time, better machines come out but your software is still the same. Your consumers slowly begin to dissent. You realize that it is time to act now.

So you gather your team of developers. They have been waiting to do it. In fact, most of them have been working away on small projects. You build new features and new additions to go along with the latest in the market. And you release a new version.

The Internet until now was the Web version 1.0. It is now time for a newer, more stable, more power-packed version to take over. Why? Simply because we as consumers want more. We are not satisfied with innovation. We want innovation tailored to the latest trends on the Internet. A couple of years ago it was the eMail and web-based eMail clients. Now it is Collaboration and Web-based Collaborative Clients. And that is why, it is time for a new version of the World Wide Web.

Google, Yahoo and MSN complied with the AJAX trend and the results were Reader, MyWeb2.0 and Start (Live, to some extent, too…) respectively. With Web 2.0 being the hot topic currently, who knows what can come out of their kitties.

I, for one, am waiting to see what happens.