The Scarf: Part 4 - A continued breather...

Contd. from The Scarf: Part 3 – A Breather.

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What then, does happen to the passengers on the train?

Well, complying with the fundamental principles of Quantum Mechanics, the passengers may or may not switch trains while these ghost trains pass through each other .

(I believe another pint ot two of the golden brew might help at this point.)

Depending on whether the passengers do switch trains, (or refuse to do so) the collapsing of the universes may or maynot happen.

Notice the plural usage of the term ‘universe.’ I chose the plural since we have already established that the universes we are talking about are decidedly individual, It’s the thing in vogue, don’t you know?

So, as we were saying this collapsing of universes depends on whether you decide to switch trains ( No, not you r daily eight fifteens and nine-twenties. I mean, the ghost trains we are talking about!) Of course, if you try the switching-trains act with your daily eight-fifteen and nine-twenties, you’ll only end up being a candidate for the padded cell or a specimen for the students of medicine, one way or the other…

Yes, I do tend to confuse my parentheses…

Assuming for the moment that you do switch trains, your world order in existence (until then) changes (None of the sky-turning-green or grass-turning-blue business, remember?)

This change in the world order is not noticeable. In fact it is as furtive as a cat-burglar hopping over an open window sill trying to do his job. And that is precisely what it does – its job. The job under scrutiny being nothing else but coming into existence. It is a definite pity that this coming into existence business is not heralded as, I believe, it should rightly be!

A change in the world order signifies a change in the event segue, which is, as we know, unheralded, yet taken as a completely natural course of action.

We often tend to mistake such event segues as providence or Acts of God, while the truth is that we ourselves have induced it. Not that we know we have.

Take for example, a simple case.

Remember the time when you chose a particular piece of apparel over the other? The very act of choice was enough to send the universe collapsing without giving it enough time to pack its bags and beat it. And with equal intensisty, fervor and haste was ushered, a new universe, a new world order to make suitable amends.

The point of the entire thing is that your choice of apparel either caused someone to turn a wrinkly nose up in distaste or an equally (if not more) wrinkly eyebrow up in praise. Either ways there was something wrinkly going up.

Notice that, irrespective of the nature of choice, a new world order is bound to emerge.

And when a new world order does emerge, the first thing it does is obliterate any vestiges of the existence of the previous one. No point in clashing two titans where only one can exist. better clear out the playing fields, what?

Do this uniquely existing NWO tries to bandy its existence about the place, as successfully as a string quartet playing the harmonica and as is wont, fails miserably.

The cause for failure must not be attached to experience, or rather the absence of it. For, experience caunts naught in trhe business it is supposed to perform. On the contrary, the cause for failure is the inevitable truth that NWOs have an exceedingly short life – well, shorter than most, actually.

At this point, may I suggest another pint or two?

What with NWOs clashing with each other and attempting to remain unique with their exitences what happens to the trains?

Now, don’t tell me you have forgotten about the trians already?

Tut, tut! To simplify things, I shall now attempt to bring the two examples and analogies together and combine them as one, so as to render understanding this concept, astoundingly easy!!

Listen closely, the tracks that I spoke about, while discussing the trains (the ghost trains to be more specific) are merely instances of different world orders.

The trains are, well, event segues that keep changing these tracks and keep running into each other without crashing. The passengers in trains are people – us, you, me and the rest of the world (although, why anybody would ride ghost trains is beyond me…)

Aha, I hear you say! How can two people, with two obviously unique and distinct lives, ride the same train? Isn’t thee a flaw, a fallacy in this argument? Doesn’t it indicate a chink in the armor of your reasoning?

To that, my answer would be a ruddy “NO!!”

It doesn’t. Hear me out. It’s quite simple, actually.

Remember that the trains are merely event segues. And an event is nothing but a blot, a point on the four-dimensional landscape. To refresh your memory and your Advanced Physics 101, the four dimensional landscape is made of three dimensions of space and one of time.

(Though, why anyone would add the two together is a little weird.

And if you can picture a 4-d landscape, you may quit reading at this point, find yourself a nice shawl, a comfortable rocking chair and do what you bally well do the best. Nod off to sleep, that is. Sweet dreams.)

To the rest of you who have not yet nodded off to sleep, let us board our ghost trains yet again.

Since events are merely a blot on the 4-d landscape, and we humans are the same, it is a simple deduction. You know the methods, dear reader. Apply them.

If you came up with an equation that resembled something of the sort:

We, humans = Events on the 4-d landscape

Well, you have earned your Advanced Physics degree and are on your way to winning the Nobel prize for physics. People have been given the prize for far fewer letters in their equations, the notable one being the much bandied about:

E = mc2

But, I digress.

Although you may have earned your Advanced Physics degree, it does not help to rest on your laurels. Personally, it is a little difficult to imagine why one would rest on laurels, what with laurels being placed (traditionally) on the top of the head as a kind of substitute for crowns, thus rendering the actual resting-on-laurels part a tiresome and extremelyexercising feat to be achieved only by those possessing a lithe body and a burning desire to rest on their laurels.

Coming back to the equation, now that we have figured out that we humans are a blot on the landscape – of time and space – and events too occupy the smae position as we do, it follows that… well, whatever follows, follows.

So sitting in this train – which is analogous to an event segue – running on tracks that are nothing but individual NWOs, we the passengers happen to share the same event and hence it so happens that we end up co passengers on the same train!!!

Elementary, my dear reader!

What is actually a cause for wonder – and concern, as well – is the ease with which we manage to switch these trains. The closeste metaphor that strikes the brain is – weaseling out of a situation. Unfair as it may sound, you, my discerning reader will appreciate the justness of the same!

But what actually had my goose cooked for a while, was the fact that to switch these proverbial, exemplary (is that the right word?) trains, and not suffer any damamge, we too must be made of the same constituents that these trains are made up of!

Ergo, we must be ghosts, too!

But, we quite evidently are not, which means one is not equal to one, and all is not well with the world!!

And that is where reason steps in like a white knight in shining armor and calmly bonks the dragon of confusion on the head and returns the damsel in distress to her ivory tower and –

[CENSORED for indecency]

Erm, I mean to say that the ghost train story, complete with the tracks and passenger constituents was merely an analogy, a metaphor for larger things and should not be mixed.

Gee, these things should come with warning labels attached! “Not to be confused with real life.” “May cause unexpected results.” Many a time, these things have caused me an insufferable headache, especially when consumed in large quantities. The best remedy (or so I have found) is to bottle them and keep them bottle – till eternity.

Trust me, it helps. Really.

What with this talk of bottles and headaches and such, I have this sudden urge to partake a pint or two of the golden brew. Care to join me?

Aah, off to secure that Advanced Physics degree of yours, I see! Well, ’twas nice talking to you!