The Scarf - Part 7

It is now time to introduce a surprise element into the story. Nothing about her existence will be revealed except for one small fact – that it is an entity of the female specie.

Alright, alright, it is a woman, to be precise.

She watched the events warily as they happened

Each time the universe collapsed, she had distinctly felt an almost uncontrollable urge to snap her fingers.

Of course, she had no clue that doing that would bind her irrevocably to three other destinies that she had been following closely – albeit, merely out of curiosity.
Mercifully (and surprisingly) she had not yet given in to her almost uncontrollable urges – snapped her fingers, that is.

She had observed the entire proceedings right from the beginning. Her interest, however, had been piqued when she saw the duo collide.

Before that she had been vaguely aware of six cups of black coffee being delivered to the same table – all within a short span of two hours. Only, she wasn’t sure if the coffee was being consumed by the same person each time.

You see she was trying to focus her Chi. So she couldn’t really have noticed. You can’t focus you Chi if you are busy noticing inane things such as six cups of black coffee being delivered to a table and wondering whether they are being consumed by the same person. Tut, tut!

But when the collision happened, all her attempts to focus her Chi were abandoned in the hope (or promise) that an interesting scene would follow.

However unlikely it may have seemed at this point, the promise of an interesting scene remained just that – a promise. Yes, she was to be deprived of any interesting developments that might have resulted out of the collision.

As both the characters (the ones involved in the collision) went their separate ways, she was suddenly conscious of that urge yet again. She managed to overcome it with some difficulty.

It was no coincidence, she thought to herself, that he occupied the same chair that the girl had vacated.

And it was certainly no coincidence, she thought, that the girl had left her phone (distinctive ‘apparel’, she chuckled to herself) on the table. Not that he seemed to take any heed of it.

As she was noting these observations to herself, she wished she could jot them down for future recall. Rummaging through her haversack, she found a piece of paper, but no pen. Strange, she thought, and turned to call the waiter to ask for a pen.

It was then, that she noticed him standing outside the café.

One glance at him told her that some minor catastrophe had befallen him, especially, looking at the manner in which his clothes had been messed up. More than coffee, he looked like he needed a bath.

What struck her instantly though, was this – his face had a clearly hateful expression.

And it was directed towards the new occupant of the aforementioned table, the same one that had seen six cups of black coffee being delivered. What’s more, the new occupant had apparently ‘discovered’ the existence of the ‘appareled’ phone.

And then the waiter swooped down and came up with the scarf. A beautiful scarf. She felt a twinge of feminine jealousy, for a short moment. But the moment passed soon enough, and she was herself again.

Her rational brain her swung into gear by this time, and she quickly assessed the situation. Making all the correct observations and drawing all the right conclusions was a simple step. And having followed these steps, she arrived at a perfectly normal conclusion.

It was all a misunderstanding, and she could easily clear it.

She felt that urge again, but she shook it off determinedly. There was a task waiting to be done. She would question and analyze her own urges later. And having decided thus, she returned to concentrate at the task at hand.

So what was she supposed to do?

Ah yes, clarify the situation to the two characters involved in the silent drama. One, who was oblivious of the other, and both oblivious of the fact that it was a huge misunderstanding. But how was she to do it?

Voila! She could simply bring the two of them face to face and explain the situation, and they would easily see reason.

All she had to do was call for the waiter!!

She called for the waiter.

And, in doing so, the universe was recreated.


I have a strong suspicion, this is leading nowhere. And if so, I better move this story to some place else.

What say?