What are friends for? :)

(Image created using Wordle.net)

To give you that sponge-shoulder when you cry…
To assure you that you’ll score at the first try!
To lift you up when your spirits are low,
To speed you up when things go slow!
To make you feel like you are the king,
To stand by you when you haven’t done anything!
To teach you the finer points of life,
To make sure your ‘girl’ becomes your ‘wife!’
To clean up the mess when every one else has left,
To ensure you never feel bereft…
To take you on a night-tour to hunt for food
To say, “Take me drunk. I’m home, dude!”
To listen to you each time you yell,
To tell you, “It’s okay, no need to dwell…”
To plonk on your sofa & fiddle with the remote,
To help you learn your lessons by rote!
To walk up to the girl you had a crush on –
To tell her, “Make him yours, before he is gone!”
To use things you own & care not one bit
To tell you (however fat you are) “You are fit!”
To push you back & jump into the fight
To come back with a bleeding nose & say, “It’s alright!”
To remind you that the sun will still rise in the east…
To introduce you to others as the “good-looking beast.”
To say anything further, I leave it to you –
To tell me, what does your friend mean to you?


I seem to be on a spree – but I’m not complaining. Maybe it’s better to NOT resolve & just do it. Whatever.

I’m enjoying it, so far… :)