Writers' Block

In the land of Book,
Where people lived by the letter,
There was a Small Nook,
Which, well, could’ve been a lot better…

The people of Small Nook
(Weird looking people, those!)
They wrote in the Big Book
Sonnets & essays, poetry & prose.

One among them,
Was V. Tiny Tot.
He didn’t write much,
Just scribbled a lot.

In all the land of Book,
To write was to score!
You were a schnook
If you didn’t write anymore!

So they gathered around in a council
Decided to set the record straight,
Threatened V. Tiny Tot with a big, fat bill,
And dire consequences to his fate!

Pretty satisfied with that,
They all went back!
And they hoped it would get
V. Tiny Tot properly on track!

What they didn’t realize was this:
V. Tiny Tot’s aberration wasn’t ad-hoc,
That he didn’t write was no fault of his!
After all, he lived in Writers’ Block!

Another poem. For obvious reasons – heh heh!